10 of the Best of the AMT Blog … so far

By Sharon Livingstone

Since the AMT blog kicked off, we’ve shared nearly 50 articles with readers that have travelled around Australia and the world. While there are interesting stories that we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks/months, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of my favourite articles, and the ones that readers particularly enjoyed.

October 2017 – How to Set a Price for Massage

AMT Director Dave Moore’s article is loaded up with practical, helpful tips on how to work out what we charge for a 1 hour massage. If the number of times I’ve emailed out the associated spreadsheet is anything to go by, this is probably the most successful blog post to date.

We all want massage therapists to earn a living wage. This is one step towards that goal.

November 2017 – What Happens When You Change Massage Association

This article began when I had another massage therapist approach me for practical advice on changing associations, since I’d been vocal about my move from ATMS to AMT. Sam McCracken, Tara Goulding, David Wood, Kerrie Redpath and I discuss our reasons for moving to AMT, how easy it was and what we’ve gained since becoming members.

January 2018 – The Case Against Pathologising

US massage therapist and educator, Walt Fritz joined us to discuss how his world was flipped when he realised that he no longer believed what he was teaching on Myofascial Release. Walt shares how he changed his mindset and is moving forward with a new philosophy.


February 2018 – A Massage Therapists Journey Through a Career Crisis

Rebecca Barnett told me months before that I should share the story of my career crisis because it would resonate with other MTs. I thought no one would be interested and, when I first wrote it, I had the same conviction. But desperate times and a lack of articles from AMT members sent me back to my “drafts” folder. What the heck, I thought. Well, Barnett was right (as usual). Amazing support flowed. People said they’d had something similar happen to them. And this article has been shared far and wide.

February 2018 – Anti-Social Whispers: Sorting Myth From Fact

One thing Massage Therapists excel at is dissemination of myths and rumours. The advent of social media and the uptake of same by MTs has ensured that rumours and myths get spread thicker than butter on sourdough. Rebecca Barnett, exhausted from refilling her extinguisher, set about dispelling a myth or 2 and teaches us how to identify fact from myth.

March 2018 – AMT Chairperson Autumn Message

A beautiful story of the power of touch on someone in pain. AMT Chairperson Michelle McKerron shares the tale of how she helped her husband after ankle surgery. I dare you to read it without having a hanky handy.


March 2018 – Podcasts, Facebook and Twitter Resources for Massage Therapists

Aran Bright and Rebecca Barnett helped to put together a list of worthwhile podcasts and interesting people/organisations to follow on Facebook and Twitter. They mostly focus on bodywork and are an excellent way to keep up with the rapid changes in the science, research and philosophy around bodywork. Plus there may be some CEUs on offer.

April 2018 – 10 Pregnancy Massage Mythconceptions

Speaking of myths, the ones surrounding Pregnancy Massage are astounding. I run through the research and add a dose of good ole commonsense to smash the 10 most common of these persistent, annoying myths.


May 2018 – How to Spot a Bad Employment Contract

Sham contracts are as big a part of massage therapy as laundering towels. When an AMT member came forward to ask about the contract she’d been presented with, the extent of naivety of (or blatant piss taking by) clinic owners came rushing to the surface. We take a look at some of the key indicators for massage therapists to be mindful of when they’re presented with an employment contract.

May 2018 – Trigger Points – Myofascial Pathology or a Fight Starter

Read the comments below this article and you may believe it’s the latter. Aran Bright runs through both sides of the argument on Trigger Points to help us to make our own decision on the truth. This article has been shared in many social media groups and continues to be discussed/argued over.


Have you got an article in you? Email me your story ideas and you never know, you may appear in the next Best Of post.

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