Is massage therapy part of Australia’s national pain plan?

The Australian Government has just released the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management 2019. The Plan was developed by Pain Australia with funding from the Department of Health.

AMT strongly encourages you to read the plan via the link above.

AMT has written to Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, and the COAG Health Ministers to express support for the national plan and outline the role that the massage therapy workforce can play in supporting the goals in the plan.

AMT believes that our members can play a key role within the National Plan, particularly in relation to the following goals:

  • Goal 2: Consumers, their carers and the wider community are more empowered knowledgeable and supported to understand and manage pain
  • Goal 3: Health practitioners are well-informed and skilled on best practice evidence-based care and are supported to deliver this care
  • Goal 4: People living with pain have timely access to consumercentred best practice pain management including self-management, early intervention strategies and interdisciplinary care and support
  • Goal 6: Knowledge of pain flourishes and is communicated to health practitioners and consumers through a national research strategy

You can read the full text of AMT’s letter to the Health Ministers on the AMT website.

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