AMT Chairperson Spring Message

By Michelle McKerron

It’s time to change the story. We are enduring a back-breaking period of history. We have each worked through huge things that have hit and hurt our industry: environmentally with the fire season last year, health-wise with COVID-19, business-wise with disruptions to providing services and mentally as the whole thing adds up, drains us and seems never-ending.

But I sense there is a change in the air. Is it spring? Is it the relief as we see our Victorian comrades bring their numbers down? Is it the relaxing of restrictions? Is it just plain old human hope? I actually don’t care too much about the underlying factors; I’m ready to embrace this vibe!

Here’s a question for those who like a good cogitate. Is there a term for being in the moment but also very much looking forward? Whatever it is called, this is where I’d like to encourage you to be. A place where you can be prepared in your clinic space as per existing and new guidelines, give thoroughly excellent and holistic treatments, and still have the energy and grit to think through ‘what’s next for me as a growing therapist?’

Professional Development

I know I have reached a point where I feel a little more comfortable at work purely because I have a COVIDSafe plan as well as adhering to the guidelines set up by AMT’s Biosecurity Planning Committee. It has freed up time in my head that I was spending worrying or watching the seventh re-run of the day’s news updates ‘just in case’ or, indeed, some days watching for anything remotely massage related.

And what a relief to find that I am feeling ready to engage with new information (preferably non-COVID related), and start learning and growing again.

One example of this ‘head space’ is covered succinctly (only 17 and a half minutes! No way!) in the most recent webinar AMT has produced about Professional Development. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this, I can highly recommend it for ideas and inspiration on how you can make the Professional Development program easy. Books, webinars, MOOCS – the question we could ask is, ‘what can’t I do?’. I have also seen many people encouraging others to join online courses with them. What a lovely sense of community as we continue to adhere to safety measures of not meeting in face-to-face groups.

AMT 2020 Virtual Conference

Of course, possibly the most exciting time of the year for an AMT member is approaching. The AMT Conference is NEXT MONTH! Save the date – 25 October 2020 (that’s a Sunday). And considering it’s online this year, you could even wear your pyjamas and attend from anywhere in Australia. Can it get any easier to stay educated?

Download the conference brochure here

Register for the conference here

I’ve stolen this bit right out of a recent email from head office: “We will also be running a series of other webinars in the lead up to the virtual conference, including a pre-conference webinar with a special international guest. You will be able to access all these webinars as part of your conference registration fee.” Um, how amazing is this?!

What’s not to love about the line-up and structure? Whether you are into research, love a personal success story, want to learn more about exercise interventions or motivational interviewing, or just want to submerge yourself into massage related talk, the AMT annual conference has you covered. And that’s just the serious stuff. With the freedom to make a cuppa at any time, it seems to me that this is just what the doctor ordered: some fantastic education opportunities and some quality time with old friends (and maybe some new ones in the chat).

With over a hundred registrations in the first 24 hours, this could possibly be the year we hit highest attendance! Be a part of this momentous occasion and the great vibe, as we shift from downtrodden to beating the odds despite what this past year has thrown at us. Let’s get back into a healthy headspace by being inspired and educated by some top brains, and use that to renew and reinvigorate our practices.

It’s just the right timing.

About the Author

Michelle McKerron is currently representing AMT members in the role of Chairperson of the Board of Directors. It’s a role she takes seriously because, as a Massage Therapist herself, she knows what it’s like to be working in the industry and wants to encourage members to continue the tradition that AMT holds in standing up for excellent massage therapy in Australia.

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