5 images that explain why you should join the clean air revolution

by Rebecca Barnett

Hopefully, you’re already aware that Scott Lloyd-Owen and I are co-presenting a webinar next week called ‘It’s in the air: Time to reVAMP your massage practice‘. This brief blog post is my pitch to all massage therapists who have not yet registered to attend, especially those of you who are still in the sanitising surfaces phase of the COVID pandemic.

Here are 5 images that I think are powerfully persuasive arguments for ensuring that all massage therapists prevent transmission of COVID by employing clean air protocols in the massage therapy clinical context.

1. COVID is on track to become the number 1 killer in Australia in 2022, outstripping dementia and ischaemic heart disease. Clearly, the current vaccines-only strategy employed by our Federal, State and Territory governments is leading to preventable suffering, illness and death.

Graph showing the cumulative deaths from COVID in 2020, 2021 and 2022 compared with other major causes of mortality.
By June 2022, COVID deaths have not only massively outstripped total deaths since the pandemic hit our shores, they are also exceeding most other leading causes of death in Australia. Graph courtesy of the decidedly black-humoured @DeadInLongRun, based on data published on covidlive.com.au

2. COVID does not just impact the respiratory tract.

3. The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 people may now have a health condition related to COVID infection. According to official figures, there has been 7,723,888 cases of COVID in Australia to date. That is already potentially 1 1/5 million people facing long COVID. Every infection you prevent in the massage clinical context not only prevents onward transmission of acute illness but may prevent another person dealing with the serious health impacts of long COVID.

Infographic showing various conditions that may arise after COVID infection.
Estimates for the percentage of people experiencing long COVID after infection vary but the CDC currently states it is 20%.

4. The latest Omicron lineages are adversely impacting very young children.

Image showing an excerpt from a South African newspaper article discussing hospitalisation rates amongst children due to COVID.
The number of South African children younger than nine admitted to hospital with Covid-19 has overtaken the proportion of patients aged over 80 for the first time, as new omicron strains dominate infections. Children under one are particularly susceptible.

5. Breakthrough deaths (after vaccination) are increasing both in Australia and globally. Vaccines have played a crucial role in preventing serious illness and death, but Omicron and its sub-lineages have mutated to become more immune evasive, which means the virus is getting around the protections offered by both vaccination and so-called “natural immunity”. Until we have a sterilising vaccine, which prevents COVID transmission, clean air and other related mitigations such as respirator masking are crucial tools in preventing ongoing mass disruption, illness and death.

Table showing the number of breakthrough deaths over the past year in Oregon State, US.
This official data from Oregon State in the US shows the beginning of an exponential trend in increasing breakthrough deaths after vaccination.

So come join Scott and I on the evening of Wednesday 22nd June as we guide you through how you can enter the rarefied ranks of AMT’s clean air clinic stars. Go on. Register now. We promise to make things entertaining and fun!

About the Author

Rebecca Barnett loves her CO2 monitor with a fierce transcendent passion. She is not so enamoured of writing blog bios but self-referentiality always offers a cheap and nasty workaround. She also deeply regrets this unwelcome earworm. It was traumatic enough enduring n +1 episodes of Countdown back in the day.

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  1. Melanie King
    17/06/2022 - 8:28 pm

    As I’ll be away breathing fresh clean air at Flinders Rangers registering to join in the webinar is not doable for me, however I am happy to say that I love my new air purifier with HEPA filter etc. It’s the ants pants. More importantly, many a client have also been happy to note its working presence. Thank you to AMT for all the help in helping us keep us and our client safe.

  2. Phillipo Boelen
    21/06/2022 - 7:18 pm

    I don’t use any air purifiers or C02 monitors , no burning candles , no gas heaters , no electric heaters and no air conditioners in my home base massage business.

    The doors on either side of my room that are open when I have clients or when too cold the doors are closed. I still have a fan on low and my heating is done by hydronic. I dont have any carpet in my house. I dont have plants in my room at night.

    You only have to take small precautions to avoid the spread of pathogens at home or in your massage business.

    A well thought out massage business will not have to go through the extend to buy purifiers and C02 filters.

    • If you haven’t measured the air quality in your home or clinic how do you know? Unfortunately, this is just an ambit claim. Perhaps consider talking to a few of your colleagues who invested in CO2 monitors thinking they would get a favourable reading and then were shocked at how stale the air in their clinic actually was, even with open doors.

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