Do You Want To Write For Us?

By Sharon Livingstone

Do you have an article you want to write for the AMT blog? AMT members can even earn 15 CEUs for published articles.

Perhaps you have a story about a challenge you’ve faced as a massage therapist (and/or how you’ve overcome it). Or a case study. Or maybe you’ve read a fascinating book that you want to review. Or is there a body of research you feel needs analysing? Or is there a topic we haven’t covered?

When Rebecca Barnett meekly asked last month why AMT members were not contributing articles for the blog, she (also me) was disheartened by the response. So many commenters said that they were too busy or they didn’t think what they might write would be worth reading.

Neither of these is accurate.

I’m Too Busy

Busy? Everyone is busy. Let me tell you how busy I am. Busy is the new black. Busy is so buzzy, I wrote a flash fiction story about it (see below). We’re not asking anyone to contribute an article a week. I’m fairly certain one article a year can be squeezed in. If we have time for Facebook, we have time to write an article.

One of the great things about contributing an article for the AMT blog is that, as I said above, if you’re published and an AMT member, you can earn 15 CEUs. That’s 2 birds 1 stone kinda stuff. The writing of an article is also a learning experience – either because you have to find the research and articles to support what you say or because you’re learning a little bit more about yourself as a practitioner.

Not Worth Reading

Oh, puh-lease! The personal stories are the ones that readers love the most. Do you remember AMT Chairperson, Michelle McKerron telling us about helping her husband after his surgery? We loved it. Do you remember me telling you about my career crisis? I was overwhelmed by the feedback from readers. Just because an article isn’t filled to the brim with science and research, studies and techo terminology, does not make it less valuable to massage therapists. What are the articles you’ve enjoyed reading? They’re the ones we’re interested in hearing more of. However, we still love the sciency, techo terminology filled articles too. Variety is the spice, and all that.

There’s Room For Others

Not an AMT member but still want to contribute? Please email me. We may be able to work out something if your association won’t give you continuing education points.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

What should concern us all is that if everyday massage therapists aren’t contributing to the dialogue, then we’ll only be listening to a limited number of voices. Those voices are the ones that shout the loudest but that doesn’t make them experts, it doesn’t mean they’re always right or even worthy of listening to. Your voice is just as important. The greater the variety of voices, the better our foundation of knowledge is, the better massage therapist we’ll be. If we want massage therapy and massage therapists to be taken seriously, then it’s up to us to make that happen.

Help us to hear what you have to say. Let your voice be heard.

What Makes an Article?

Length: Ideally 800-1200 words

Tone: Conversational

Topic: Relevant to massage therapists

Tip: Back up any sciency opinions with facts (research studies, Cochrane reviews, articles, blog posts etc.)

Want to know more or to submit an article? Send me an email:

Finally, here’s that very short story I promised about the fad of being busy.

About the Author

Sharon Livingstone is a massage therapist in Sydney, NSW. A love of sport drew her to the industry but discovering job satisfaction came from helping people live with less pain keeps her in it. Sharon is a writer, keen bushwalker and frustrated traveller, who is in full on training (including hiking poles and a lot of stairs) to walk across France but not on a pilgrimage.

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