Announcement: Launch of the AMT mentoring scheme

Being a massage therapist can be a solitary and isolating experience. Perhaps you have lots of experience but do not have many opportunities to come together on a professional platform to discuss, encourage and learn with other therapists. Alternatively, you might feel like you’ve been ‘thrown in the deep end’ and you’re discovering just how many aspects there are to being a successful therapist.

AMT is committed to supporting members in a range of ways. And we have reached a point in our growth as an association where we can develop and implement a mentoring program for our members.

Yep – we’ve been talking about this for quite a while now so we’re especially excited to announce that we’re ready to launch. In fact, we’re jumping out of our skins!

Applications for the new AMT mentoring scheme will open on Wednesday 29 August.

The first intake of the AMT mentoring scheme will be a pilot program with 20 mentor/mentee pairs, running over 6 months from October 10. Mentees will be ‘new’ therapists (in your first three years) and some students who are due to graduate soon; mentors will have at least five years’ experience as a massage therapist. This pilot scheme will then inform a permanent program with two intakes a year and capacity for a larger number of mentor/mentee pairs.

The overall aim of the scheme is to help therapists transition from student to early career professional, to more experienced therapist, gaining confidence as you work in the industry.

Mentoring is not about learning particular techniques: we hope that through a mentoring partnership, new therapists will gain confidence and professionalism faster than on their own! And our more experienced members will have the opportunity to share their own experience as they facilitate the growth of someone in the early years of the profession.

More information will be available next week when applications open! Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting instalment.

Special thanks to insurance underwriters Fenton Green for their generous sponsorship and support of the AMT mentoring scheme.

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