Update: AMT Mentoring Program

The applications are in, mentee/mentor training is complete and matches have been made!

Sometime in the wee hours of October 5, the 20 matched pairs involved in AMT’s pilot mentoring program will be notified of their matches. The program launch webinar for these pilot participants will be held on the evening of Monday October 8 at 8.00pm AEDST.

We received a huge response from potential mentees, with 44 candidates applying before we made the difficult decision to close off applications. We were also heartened by the response from potential mentors: 26 senior, experienced therapists volunteered to be involved. We’re deeply grateful that these AMT members stepped forward to donate their time to ensure that our pilot will produce meaningful insights.

Obviously, these numbers mean that there are potential mentees and mentors who applied but will not be matched. This is because the capacity of the pilot only runs to 20 matched pairs. These pairs have been selected on the basis of the best available matches. (There’s a pretty sophisticated algorithm underpinning the matching process – it’s one of the features we will be assessing as an outcome of the pilot program.)

Please don’t be disenchanted if you are one of these unmatched applicants: once the pilot program is complete and we have reviewed and refined it, we plan to run a permanent, expanded intake twice a year with space for more participants. This will not be your only bite at the cherry!

We look forward to providing you with more updates as the program unfolds. In the meantime, you can read more about the program on the AMT website.


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