The Best of 2018

Collated by Sharon Livingstone

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In 2018, AMT’s blog shared some cracking articles, from member experiences to disputing long practised modalities to news, announcements and the occasional rant.

The top 2 most read and commented on articles were:

10 Pregnancy Massage Mythconceptions by Sharon Livingstone

I’m biased in saying this was my favourite article of the year. I’d wanted to write it for a long time and I’m so pleased it has been shared amongst massage therapists across the globe. My aims are to get more massage therapists confident to treat pregnant people and to reduce the number of massage therapists spreading unsupported myths about treating pregnant people.


Trigger Points – Myofascial Pathology or Fight Starter? by Aran Bright

Aran’s balanced article did generate a lot of discussion and had all of us questioning our Trigger Point beliefs. Should be read again and again. As should the comments below the article where the conversation continued.

Best of the Rest

Other articles that got us thinking and talking in 2018 were (in no particular order):

Cultural Safety for Massage Therapists by Karen Wyld

Martu woman and writer, Karen Wyld shared her experience from working and teaching in the Aboriginal/Indigenous health field to help massage therapists understand the nuances that come with treating and interacting with Aboriginal people. Karen’s article provides excellent resources for further reading.

The Case Against Pathologising by Walt Fritz

Another widely shared article, Walt Fritz tells how his world was upended when he realised that the Myofascial Release techniques he learnt and subsequently adapted for both his clinical practice and to teach other therapists, was not quite what he thought it was. Walt had been used to seeing a symptom and tying it to a disease/condition but the more he read and learnt, the more he realised that pathologising was flawed.

The Famous Medibank Winter of 2013 by Rebecca Barnett

AMT CEO, Rebecca Barnett took us on the harrowing journey through the bleak 2013 (and beyond) tale of how Medibank Private waged war on massage therapy and flexed its muscles against the massage therapy associations, and how the associations responded, or didn’t respond, to a call to unite against the health insurance giant.

11 Tips for New (and Not-So-New) Massage Therapists

We all love sharing our favourite tips. It’s the poor massage therapist’s version of the mentoring programme AMT introduced in September. I collated the top 11 tips from a survey I distributed in an international group of massage therapists. I’m still dubious about Tip #4. I think I’d prefer …

The Importance of Self-Awareness by Tim Clark

Ahead of his plenary presentation at the 2018 AMT Conference, Tim Clark, Massage Therapist and Psychologist, reminded us of the need to do some personal investigation on our biases, reactions and prejudices. More importantly, Tim introduced us to heuristics.

Also worthy of a re-read is Tim’s article on The Challenge of Ethics.

Dissecting The Evidence Supporting LAST by Robert Libbey

Robert Libbey was possibly the most popular presenter at the 2018 AMT Conference, presenting workshops on Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique (LAST) with simple explanations, gentle encouragement and a desire to share his vast knowledge. In this article, first published in Massage Therapy Canada magazine, Robert sets out the history of LAST and the evidence that underpins it. Robert also contributed a case study on LAST.

Psychoneuroimmunology – Linking the Mind and Body by Dr Judy Lovas

What is the link between depression and long term stress? Should mind-body therapies like Tai Chi and Yoga be included in healthcare plans? Dr Judy Lovas explores the link between what goes on in the mind and how the body responds in this fascinating article that will have you asking more questions.

Does That Feel Tight? By Sam McCracken

While the term “tight” has become contentious in the bodywork world, the most common question a massage therapist hears is “Does that feel tight to you?” Sam examines the difference between a client’s sensation of “tight” versus how the therapist interprets what’s going on with the client.

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Dave Moore’s plain language guide on How to Set a Price for Massage remains in the Top 5 most read articles over a year after it was published. I’ve received over 100 requests from massage therapists for the spreadsheet Dave prepared to accompany the article. Dave’s article is the first step in massage therapists earning a living wage from massage. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t delay, read it today.

If statistics are anything to go by, then it’s clear that this blog is the place to hear about industry and association announcements. We’ve been able to quickly share news on:

  • CEU opportunities

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to AMT’s blog through writing articles, being interviewed, sending in submissions and commenting on posts. We’re grateful to those who have shared our posts too. Although the quality of articles brought to you in 2018 will be hard to match, we’re going to give it a red hot go in 2019. 

What was your favourite article on AMT’s blog this year?

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  1. Janelle Kenny
    19/12/2018 - 12:35 pm

    Thank you so much for collating all this wonderful knowledge together- it is just what I needed to read to centre on massage practices for the the year ahead. I am currently in the mentoring program (mentee) and the articles about trigger points and myofascial release were topics I have just raised with my mentor (before reading blogs) and (waiting to hear back) I have just started receiving the AMT blogs and and love that SO much support information is available. Will read the rest of the blogs after Christmas 🎄 Thanks again and merry Christmas to you and AMT family. Janelle Kenny

    • Sharon Livingstone
      19/12/2018 - 12:44 pm

      Janelle, it’s members like you that make this job so pleasurable. Thanks for reading and subscribing.

    • Hear hear to Sharon’s comment. It’s so gratifying to receive this kind of feedback and exciting to hear that members like you appreciate the content and support we provide through this blog and our other social media platforms.

      I am sure that will be an interesting conversation with your mentor! A few recent grads have talked about how difficult it is to navigate the cognitive dissonance around some of the stuff they learned in college and the more up to date evidence and thinking they are exposed to via AMT. Fun times!

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