2020 AMT Mentoring Program

When I first applied for [the mentoring program] I was feeling very lost and alone and didn’t quite know what to do or where to turn for advice. I’m now feeling much more in control and have so much more confidence. Thank you so much for running this program

Liz Sharkey’s post last week stimulated a lot of social media discussion about one of the challenges we face at the coalface of massage therapy practice: being a massage therapist can be a solitary and isolating experience. This dimension of professional life was one of the manifold reasons AMT committed to providing a formal mentoring scheme to support AMT members and help them develop sustaining connections with their colleagues.

We’re chuffed to announce that applications for the 2020 AMT Mentoring Program will open on February 24. It will be AMT’s third time around the block with this valued program.

It’s hard to communicate just how wildly successful the first two rounds of our mentoring program have been. After the applications open, matches are made and the program commences in earnest. Once our mentoring pairs start working together, it’s amazing how quickly the 6-month program flies by.

But why would I want to participate, we hear you ask.

As much as possible, we will try to let the experiences and feedback of our participants speak for themselves.

For mentees

The [AMT] mentoring program is one of the best programs offered by AMT to me as a member. Providing an opportunity at every level and aspect of the massage therapist profession. Win win for all.

In our program surveys, the word that mentees use more than any other is ‘confidence’. Mentees overwhelmingly tell us that the program increases their confidence and capacity to meet the challenges of professional practice.

For mentors

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and contribute. I think the offering and implementation of the program enhances the standing of AMT, and I greatly appreciate the effort and time that AMT members and staff have put into ensuring that the program runs efficiently and is effective for the participants.

Mentors generally speak about the immense satisfaction of giving something back to the profession. They also find themselves surprised and delighted by how much they learn and grow from the relationship with their mentee – our feedback clearly shows that it’s not a one way street.

The commitment

Both mentees and mentors must be willing to complete the training provided, attend program webinars, commit to regular interaction with their mentoring partner, and complete surveys from time to time. This will take around 10 hours in addition to 2-3 hours per month.

If you have participated in the program before, you do not need to redo the training but you will need to reapply.

The program is available to all AMT members regardless of where you are in your massage therapy career. To join as a mentor, you should have at least three years’ experience in the industry and a willingness to journey alongside a colleague.

[The mentoring program] was well organised, and it gave the opportunity for disabled people like myself to grow and become self confident, thank you for that!

That’s nice but I need to know more …

We will be holding an information session webinar on 17 February at 8.00pm ACT/NSW/TAS/VIC, 7.30pm SA, 7pm QLD, 6.30pm NT, 5pm WA. Attendance is free and all AMT members are warmly invited to attend. Please register for the webinar to ensure you receive reminders.

Applications for the 2020 program open on February 24. AMT members will receive notice via email and social media channels.

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  1. Hi I”m interested to do more courses or 1 for now can I please ring you tomorrow? Not quiet sure what to do next.
    I will ring AMT to have a brief chat.
    Thank you for your kind interest
    Kind regards
    Sara Polo

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