Are We There Yet?

In this final post for 2020, we at Blog Headquarters want to say thank you for reading. We published 44 articles in 2020, some were even unrelated to a certain pandemic.

And thank you for sharing our articles on social media and in classrooms across Australia and the world.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from Michelle McKerron, Tim Clark, Tara Goulding, Liz Sharkey and Rebecca Barnett, who have each contributed multiple articles. And from Daniel O’Sullivan, Gabby Griffiths, Aran Bright, Pavel Bace, Daniel Wonnocott, Leah Dwyer and Doug Nelson. Without the variety of writers, AMT’s blog would be a narrow lens on the massage world.

Lots of people have loaned their voices and time to articles throughout the year: Youjung (twice), Maria, Hayley, Jodee, Ian L, Ian H and AMT Head Office staff.

Merry Christmas from nature

Don’t forget that if you want to share a story or write an article, you can email Blog HQ here.

Some exciting new stuff is coming to the blog in 2021 and we can’t wait to share it with you.

You can breathe out, massage therapists. We have made it to the end of 2020.

See y’all in January.

(Cover image: Blotched Hyacinth Orchid ©Sharon Livingstone)

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