Chairperson Message: Happy 100th

By Michelle McKerron

I reminisced a little at the AGM in May about how we celebrated those who have gone before us in the building of our Association at the 50th Anniversary in 2016. As with any historical feat, it is important to acknowledge those we perhaps don’t know, who put in the hard yards upon which we continue to grow. That 50th anniversary was a day of thinking through where we’d come from, complimented by sessions presenting new and radical processes to consider in our practice every day.

It’s plain to see AMT is evolving. We have history, we have roots. Our Association is growing in strength of number and information. It has to. As with those who went before us – we have the future to consider.

One particular and very obvious way that AMT has changed recently is the way we communicate: with each other, our clients, our networks, and the wider Australian community. I am talking about our social media presence. I feel like I harp on about it but that’s because I want you to enjoy the benefits as a massage therapist.

It’s totally exciting to announce that you are reading our 100th blog article!

The AMT blog launched in September 2017. It features weekly articles, news and updates of interest to AMT members and the wider massage therapy community. If we didn’t engage with this medium, our Association wouldn’t be heard out there in the noisy electronic world, nor, consequently, make the strides that we are in our industry. Most importantly, AMT are proud that we can enable our members to access interesting, factual and helpful articles from writers they can rely upon for trustworthy information.

While the introduction of the blog meant waving a fond farewell to the quarterly member’s magazine “In Good Hands”, there are benefits:

  • Reduced cost of production and postage
  • Decreased paper and single-use plastic usage
  • Increase in searchability of articles
  • Ability to easily share articles to social networks
  • Immediacy of sharing industry news
  • More regular articles.

On the flip side, I can appreciate that this stuff can be hard to keep up with. If you’re someone that detests having to spend one minute in front of a computer or is (impressively!) resisting the societal pressure to own a mobile phone, you may be finding it hard to enjoy what is on offer. All I can say by way of encouragement is that things come and go, ebb and flow, and this is the current way that information – the thing we really need to keep up with – is being accessed. Keep the text books, meet up with nearby therapists, but connect with the thinkers in the online world too. We all know it’s about finding the balance.

Another brilliant fact about a blog is that the information is there for you to go back to and access to your heart’s content. It’s really easy to find on the website.


You may not know this but AMT welcomes articles for consideration to be included on the blog. These articles should be aimed at AMT members (i.e. massage therapists) and can be a case study, a book review, a review of a research study, personal experience, an examination of a massage relevant topic or similar articles. Please pitch your ideas to us via email.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the web, the AMT blog is a really great way to stay informed with what’s going on in AMT as well as share in other therapists’ journeys. The more we communicate with people in our profession, the better we will understand our own frameworks, skill sets and client bases. So go on, read another!

About the Author

Michelle McKerron is a wife, mum of four, massage therapist and manager of a small clinic in Sydney’s south. She doesn’t get bored often. Michelle enjoys watching the AMT membership engage, become mobilised and empowered by the communication capabilities found in social media pages, like this blog. Michelle is also the Chairperson of AMT.

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