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Did you know that AMT’s blog is over 3 years old? In that time, we’ve published nearly 170 articles (that’s almost one article every week). We’ve shared information and discussions with AMT members and the broader massage community in a timely and accessible way. The blog is read all over the world and articles are shared on social media via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which was never possible with the quarterly magazine the blog replaced. Some of our articles are discussed in massage schools, so we’re also talking to the next generation of massage therapists.

Here at Blog Headquarters, we’re regularly on the lookout for new voices to contribute to AMT’s blog. And yes, that includes your voice.

Have you ever wondered how we find our writers? Mostly we approach people we know have expertise, knowledge or good researching skills. Sometimes we ask people who have expressed excellent opinions on social media. And occasionally, we receive an email from someone who has used their spare time (or their should-have-been-studying time) to write an article. These are some of our favourite people.

Get Involved

Here’s your chance to have your voice heard by massage therapists around the world.

We’re keen to hear from you with:

  • an interesting case study
  • review of a piece (or multiple pieces) of research
  • a massage myth to bust
  • a personal experience
  • an overview or a deep dive of a condition massage therapists treat
  • a book review
  • a topical issue
  • something else you want to write about.

Do you see a topic discussed regularly by massage therapists and think, “I know the answer to this, I wish I could share this in more detail”?

Can you bring your expertise from another field to help massage therapists think about how they work?

What about a “how to” guide on a topic for massage therapists?

Here’s your chance.

We do know how busy you are. That’s why we’re not looking for a regular contributor. If you only have enough time to write one piece, that’s fantastic.

We don’t need your grammar to be the goodest perfect or even the article to be flawless. Blog HQ will help you to polish up your gem.

“Ugh!” I hear you say. “Someone else can do this.” But if we all said that, Blog HQ would publish a weekly blank page. Massage therapists have a huge knowledge base – yes, that includes you – and always have a lot to say. They like sharing their knowledge with other massage therapists – offering advice and suggestions and sharing their experience. We’re giving you a chance for your voice to be heard by a laundry of massage therapists (a ‘laundry’ is the collective noun for a group of massage therapists, isn’t it?).

What? You aren’t a writer but enjoy reading the blog? We really like you too and if there’s any topic you’d like to see covered by the blog, please send an email and we’ll find someone to write it.

It’s not for you but you know someone who might be interesting in contributing an article? Please share this article with them and give them lots of nudges to contact us.

Tell Me More!

OK, so you’re keen to do some writing but want to know a bit more. These are the answers to the FAQs:

  • No, you don’t need to be an AMT member to write for the blog – you only need to have something valuable to say to massage therapists.
  • The article should be relevant to massage therapists
  • Articles should ideally be 800-1200 words but we’re flexible if you go a little over or a little under.
  • Our style is conversational but we’re happy to read in the style you’re comfortable with
  • We ask you to supply a short, 2-3 sentence biography and a headshot photo to put with the article.
  • Include all links in the article.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email right now. We’re excited to see what you have to say.

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