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A few weeks ago, AMT Chairperson Michelle McKerron announced in her spring message that a new professional development scheme would be rolled out to AMT members during 2020.

AMT’s Education Committee has been working on the new scheme, which acknowledges the massive industry changes that have occurred since AMT first introduced continuing education requirements way back in 1994. In that era, one woman and her dog were offering continuing education workshops for massage therapists. Apart from the annual AMT conference and members’ days, the pickings were very slim. The internet wasn’t even a thing, unless you were an epic nerd.

Fast forward 25 years and the contrast could not be more stark. Nowadays it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Continuing education for massage therapists has become an industry unto itself (and sadly, sometimes predatory) and AMT’s workshop accreditation system was gradually wound down in response to the mountain of choice.

The underpinning feature of the new professional development scheme is greater flexibility and self-determination, allowing each individual AMT member to plot their own professional development path in line with their interests and areas of specialisation, and to respond to the needs in their community.

AMT will focus its energies on encouraging and guiding members’ professional development choices, rather than on gate keeping. This shift also aligns with AMT’s 2019 – 2024 strategic plan.

As AMT’s position statement on professional development outlines, the new reflective, hours-based model that AMT is moving to aims to:

  • simplify the professional development process for members
  • embrace personalised education experiences using reflective methods
  • expand the current parameters of self-development for massage therapists, connecting, engaging and collaborating with colleagues and community
  • broaden engagement with activities and opportunities in the public health sphere
  • align with AMT’s core values.

You will be gently transitioned into the new system throughout 2020 when your renewal is due, so your current CEU points will remain valid until your new membership year commences.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to launch our brand new 2020 Professional Development Guide. It outlines in detail how the new PD scheme will work and includes comprehensive FAQs.

Although 2020 is a few months away and many of you won’t be rolled into the new system until late 2020, we encourage you to read the guide and ask questions about any aspects that may not be clear to you.

Here’s to embracing a new, clear-eyed vision for professional development in 2020!

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  1. Kelly Howland
    17/10/2019 - 2:09 pm

    Well that’s interesting. So I read that, does that count? I learn’t that I have to document my learning activities skills, ect. I have also done the 80 hour dry needling online theory course and will be going to Townsville QLD for the practical can I include that?

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