We Want To Hear From You

Question: Why do you keep seeing the same names as the author on AMT blog articles?

Answer: Because we’re waiting to hear about the article you want to write for the blog.

How Do We Commission Writers?

Sometimes we spot someone expressing themselves well on social media, and approach them. Other times, we’ve been approached with an idea for an article. Occasionally, we’ve met someone at an AMT Conference and discovered they have knowledge on a topic AMT members would find interesting.

Since its inception in September 2017, AMT’s blog has had 26 different authors. This is pretty damn magnificent but we aim high, and want to increase the variety of authors.

This is where you come in.

Massage therapists are talented individuals. We are photographers, teachers, accountants, musicians, runners and researchers. We know massage therapists want to share their knowledge, and want to help others. That’s why we know there are articles in them thar massage therapists.

Got some writing ability but no article ideas?

We’re currently looking for case studies and treatment approaches for presenting conditions. We’ve got some other topics we’re looking for articles on too. Get in touch to find out more.

Got some article ideas but not a lot of confidence with the writing side?

Not to fear, we’ll work with you to get your ideas into great shape, providing direction and suggestions. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

The writing of an article is also a learning experience – either because you have to find the research and articles to support what you say or because you’re learning a little bit more about yourself as a practitioner.

Do You Want To Write For US?”, AMT blog, June 2018

Know someone who might be interested in writing an article?

Please send us their details, including why you think what they have to say will interest massage therapists.

We’re not sure if this is a queue of article writers or a massage train.

“My writing’s crap and I’m not being modest”

Not everyone has the ability or inclination to write articles – some of us are happy being great massage therapists, and that’s no bad thing. These are the people who read the blog articles, give us feedback and share the articles. You contribute more than you think you do.


  • Articles must be specific to massage therapists, and reflect the values of AMT
  • Length: 800-1200 words (there’s some flexibility with this)
  • Provide links to any references/supporting information
  • Where appropriate, a “further reading” list, where we can learn more, is appreciated
  • Submit the article as a Word document (or rich text format) and not PDF.

That’s about it. We do the editing and check the links.


We take copyright seriously.

If the article has been published elsewhere (in a magazine or another blog/website), provide links to the original. It’s discretionary whether these articles are used on AMT’s blog.

If you have images to accompany your articles, unless they’re your own, please provide written permission from the photographer/proof of purchase if the images are not in the public domain. Cartoons must have written permission from the artist or proof of purchase for commercial use.

Get writing!

Remember, we don’t know about your great article idea unless you tell us about it.

How to get in touch

Please email your ideas/articles/questions to blog@amt.org.au.

We’re waiting to hear from you!
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