First off, the title of this post is a huge fib. There are 14 articles highlighted below, not 7. What can I say, counting is difficult.

What a year AMT’s blog has had. So far in 2019, we’ve published 47 articles and AMT announcements from 16 contributors. We’ve really been spoilt with the variety of articles, not to mention the quality of the information shared. Selecting a few to highlight has been difficult but joyous.

In early 2019, we ran a trio of articles on bereavement: client loss and treating clients after a loss.

  • Michelle McKerron shared the story of a long-term client who became ill and died in “More Than a Client”.
  • Tara Goulding made a sparkling debut with the story of an elderly client she helped in “More Than a Massage”.
  • Ronna Moore followed this up with an overview of working with clients who have experienced loss in “What is Bereavement Massage?

The most important articles of the year were a series written by AMT’s CEO Rebecca Barnett on employment/entitlements for massage therapists. Told with Rebecca’s usual wit and unwavering honesty, these articles should deadset be shared with all new massage therapists and re-read regularly by massage therapists and their employers:

Who doesn’t love a bit of mythbusting? This gem by Daniel Wonnocott was so brilliant, it went global: Mythbusting: Massage Removes Lactic Acid.

Still in the mood for mythbusting? Revisit 10 Pregnancy Massage Mythconceptions – where I could actually count.

My personal favourite of the year was Multiple Sclerosis, Massage and Me, possibly because I wrote it but mostly because of the positive impact it has had not only on massage therapists who undertook further education on Multiple Sclerosis but on those I interviewed for the article. I get teary when I think of the life-changing difference the article made for Eliza.

Massage Therapists love a good Case Study.

Toby Coy’s response to a question in AMT’s private Facebook group was so good, we had to share it with the world: Case Study: Getting the Benefits of a Massage Treatment to Stick

It took 6 months to write and was well worth the wait for Robert Libbey’s 2-part series “Working with Clients who have Experienced Sexual Assault” (content warning: sexual abuse/sexual assault):

This list would never be complete without some Tim Clark inspiration. Every article Tim contributes makes us think about ourselves and our practice. To pick just one is difficult – please seek them all out – but I have chosen the one on perfectionism: “Are Massage Therapists a Bunch of Losers”.

The final word

I am justifiably proud of each article we publish on this blog and I am grateful to the many contributors and to those who approach me with an idea for an article that doesn’t make it to publication, or offer to write an article. You are the best.

If you have an article you’d like to write, let us know – send an email to

Sharon Livingstone, AMT Blog Curator

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